Geodetic Survey Marker

You Might be a Land Surveyor If…

You might be a Land Surveyor if you spend your vacations spotting surveying monuments and sending pictures back to the office. Locating the corners everywhere just gets in the blood, I suspect, and you can’t turn that off even when taking a little well-deserved R & R.
Las Vegas Survey Marker

While family and friends are enjoying the sights above street level (cathedrals, sunsets, eagles, and such), the surveyor is prone to abrupt stops in the middle of the pavement (like Pokemon Go players, way ahead of their time)!  After traveling with a surveyor, you’ll find yourself seeing caps, monuments, even an 80d galvanized nail pinning down a tiny piece of orange flagging, everywhere you go!

Grand Canyon Survey Marker
Majestic view of the Grand Canyon
Boston Survey Monument
Please come to Boston, but Do Not Disturb!
Hess Triangle NYC
Hess Triangle: Tiniest real estate parcel in NYC








If your co-workers are coming back from vacations with scenic postcards, instead of pictures like these, they are definitely not surveyors!

Survey Crew Safety Sign

Those Guys in the Road

When I tell people that I work for a surveying company, their minds typically picture a room full of people wearing telephone headsets, calling to ask how they would rate their experience with XYZ Car Dealership.

When I clarify by saying, “no, a LAND surveying company”, they generally respond with something like, “oh, those guys in the road.  What are they doing there?”.

The short answer is, “all kinds of things”.  They might be researching boundary information related to ownership of the property nearby, or the easements held by the local utility.  Maybe they are collecting elevations and other topographic data for the engineers who are designing the roadway improvements, or establishing benchmarks that the construction crews will reference during the project.

Those guys in the road are pretty versatile!

Thank you for watching out for our cones, signs, and orange safety vests…our equipment costs tens of thousands of dollars, but our crew-members are irreplaceable!


Why Chaparral?

CHAPPY CHRISTMASFounder Robert Watts, RPLS has been asked many times in the past twenty-one years why he chose “Chaparral” for the name of his company.  His answer is always something along the lines of “I just liked the way it sounded”.  (And no, the Chaparral was not his high school mascot).

Starting in 1995 with a single employee, Robert’s vision was for a much larger operation, a company that would offer complete surveying support for land development projects.  He didn’t really consider any names along the lines of “Watts Surveying”; he wanted a name that would give clients a feel for our willingness to take on large commercial projects in Central Texas, and beyond.

We grew into our name, and have ±35 employees (10-12 field crews) at any given time working on projects from Liberty to Junction, Dallas to McAllen!

The word Chaparral describes a southwestern ecosystem, and is also the nickname of the Roadrunner bird native to that environment.roadrunner

And like our namesake, we are fast, scrappy, and well-adapted to the surveying needs of the design professionals of Central Texas!