Texas Weather

Every Picture Tells a Story

I sent a company-wide email asking for our surveyors to send pictures from the field for me to share on our website.

WOW!  I found out that I had absolutely no idea what life on a survey crew was really like…none at all!!

Some of their photos show obstacles they might encounter on an average day in Texas:

Even on a Monday, I haven’t had to deal with cows, cranky land-owners or rattlesnakes in the office (thank you!).

On the other hand, I’m also missing out on some pretty amazing nature scenes that the field crews see on a regular basis:

Not too many workplaces have views like these, even from the corner office!

I can’t look at these pictures without feeling just a little jealous, but I have to remind myself about how hard they work in the hot summer, cold winter, and rainy spring!  (Also they start really early in the morning).  I’ll have to think twice about turning in my keyboard for a chainsaw, but it is a little tempting!  Maybe they’ll invite me to ride along on some perfect October day…